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Last Modified: 2003-05-02


Starting from April 2003, Imai Laboratory consists of a professor, a research associate and 13 graduate students (five in Doctor, eight in Master course). We have been vigorous in oversea interchange since the establishment of the laboratory, and we have many visitors every year.

Our research field is, briefly speaking, fundamental theory of information science, in particular algorithms, although we have great importance on its application as well as theory itself.

This field concerns designing algorithms for analyzing problems, using information mathematics (or one of its subfields discrete mathematics) and other mathematical approaches. It also involves implementing designed algorithms as computer programs and investigating their actual behavior.

Our research field includes the following:

In addition, recently we have eagerly engaged in study on quantum computation and communication.

Nevertheless, our research is not restricted to them, and we will engage in whatever we concerns. For example, the research associate is mainly interested in parallel computation (about quantum computation simulation). Moreover we have studied wide variety of fields, such as genome informatics, geometric models for multimedia search, standardization of geographic information, etc.

We present our research in weekly seminars. There we also read textbooks on computer science. (In the summer semester of 2003, we read Lectures on Polytopes, written by G. M. Ziegler.

We expect two things to members of the laboratory. One is to obtain ability to write academic papers on his or her own in future. The other is, although it seems contrary to the former one, to become able to write papers with many researchers all over the world, not restricted to members of the laboratory or the department. Every year many such papers by laboratory members are published in academic journals. We hope that these two are attained ever after.