The Japanese-Swiss Workshop on Combinatorics and Computational Geometry

Sanjo Conference Hall (map), University of Tokyo, June 4–6, 2014

Japanese-Swiss Symposia for the Promotion of Academic Exchange

The first symposium (First ETH-Japan Symposium for the Promotion of Academic Exchange) was organized by and held at ETHZ, March 2012, followed by the first workshop (First ETH-Japan Workshop on Science and Computing). The Workshop on Combinatorics and Computational Geometry is the second workshop in this series, with emphasis on the field of Combinatorics and Computational Geometry, this time at the University of Tokyo.


The main objective of this series of conferences is to promote the existing and future exchange programs in informatics among ETHZ, EPFL and leading Japanese universities, in particular, those who signed student exchange agreement(s) with ETHZ, namely, Keio University, Kyoto University, Tohoku University, University of Tokyo, Tokyo Institute of Technology (alphabetical order). More generally, we are aiming at enhancing research collaboration between Switzerland and Japan.


Several talks from each of ETHZ and EPFL, a few talks from partner Japanese universities and several talks from the University of Tokyo are planned. The talks are supposed to be reaching to general scientific audience including graduate students as future prominent candidates for collaborations. Attendance is open and free for students and researchers of participating Swiss and Japanese institutions.