List of Posters

  1. Masaki Moriguchi (Chuo University), Keiko Imai (Chuo University):
    Edge Flips, Edge Contractions and Reeb Graphs on Surface Triangulations.

  2. Takuto Ikuta (The University of Tokyo):
    Reduction Techniques for Prize Collecting Steiner Tree.

  3. Attila Bernáth (MTA-SZTAKI), Yusuke Kobayashi (The University of Tokyo), Tatsuya Matsuoka (The University of Tokyo):
    A Strongly Polynomial-time Algorithm for the Generalized Terminal Backup Problem

  4. Jean-François Baffier (The University of Tokyo; U. Paris-Sud; JFLI, CNRS), Vorapong Suppakitpaisarn (NII; ERATO/JST), Hidefumi Hiraishi (The University of Tokyo; ERATO/JST), Hiroshi Imai (The University of Tokyo):
    Parametric Multiroute Flow and its Application to Robust Network with k Edge Failures.

  5. Tasuku Soma (The University of Tokyo), Naonori Kakimura (The University of Tokyo), Kazuhiro Inaba (Google), Ken-ichi Kawarabayashi (NII; JST ERATO Kawarabayashi Project):
    Optimal Budget Allocation: Theoretical Guarantee and Efficient Algorithm.

  6. Yosuke Yano (The University of Tokyo), Takuya Akiba (The University of Tokyo), Yoichi Iwata (The University of Tokyo), Yuichi Yoshida (NII; Preferred Infrastructure Inc.):
    Reachability Queries by Pruned Labeling: a Vertex Ordering Strategy via Coverage Estimation.

  7. Akitoshi Kawamura (The University of Tokyo), Makoto Soejima (The University of Tokyo):
    Patrolling Problems.

  8. Norie Fu (NII; ERATO/JST), Vorapong Suppakitpaisarn (NII; ERATO/JST):
    The Betweenness Centrality on 1-Dimensional Periodic Graphs.

  9. Hidefumi Hiraishi (The University of Tokyo), Sonoko Moriyama (Nihon University):
    Excluded Minors for Orientability and Representability of Matroids.

  10. Hanna Sumita (The University of Tokyo), Naonori Kakimura (The University of Tokyo), Kazuhisa Makino (Kyoto University):
    Total Dual Integrality of the Linear Complementarity Problem.