How to use MATHTYPE

Here, how to use the application MATHTYPE on Windows are explained, in the most succinct way. (If you feel any other tips, please tell me!)

MATHTYPE is a very useful application to edit mathematical formula. You may find the default add-on software like math formula editor in Mirosoft Word or PowerPoint, but MATHTYPE is much more useful. You can use it free in one month, and also after that period you can use it with some functions being limited.

0. Installation

Visit the website, then install the software.

1. Then, how to use MATHTYPE?

1-1. The tedious way to use MATHTYPE

You may already know how to use MATHTYPE like:

1. startup Microsoft Word or Power Point, 2. then, you call MATHTYPE from insertion menu.
It's tedious! You don't have to mouse cursor and choose insertion menu and choose MATHTYPE menu with paying much attention on the screen. Here I like to show you how succinctly use MATHTYPE in the following.
1-2. The most succinct way to use MATHTYPE
(1) Run by the file name "mathtype". Push both of the start button and the key "R". Fill in as "mathtype" or "mathtype.exe".

(2) Edit math formulas and make use of "copy" and "paste".
You can easily get used to edit mathematical formulas by MATHTYPE. Then, what is the next succinct way to use MATHTYPE? Hitherto, you may use MATHTYPE by some tedious procedure as calling from Word. But there is a way to use succinctly by "copy and paste". Just running only one MATHTYPE window, you edit as many formulas as you need. "Copy" the formula you need and "paste" it on the Word file you editing.