Matroids of rank 4 on 10 elements are stored in the special compression format. They are stored in separate 49 files and each file contains 100 million matroids (except the last one).

To uncompress the data, two steps are necessary. First, please uncompless the gzip format by the gunzip or other prgorams. Then, uncompless the special format for matroids by our program. Please download Uncompress.class. Java Runtime Environment 5.0 is necessary.

The program can be run as followings. The data will be output to the standard output.

java Uncompress a 10 4 < out0.txt

out0.txt.gz out1.txt.gz out2.txt.gz out3.txt.gz out4.txt.gz out5.txt.gz out6.txt.gz out7.txt.gz out8.txt.gz out9.txt.gz
out10.txt.gz out11.txt.gz out12.txt.gz out13.txt.gz out14.txt.gz out15.txt.gz out16.txt.gz out17.txt.gz out18.txt.gz out19.txt.gz
out20.txt.gz out21.txt.gz out22.txt.gz out23.txt.gz out24.txt.gz out25.txt.gz out26.txt.gz out27.txt.gz out28.txt.gz out29.txt.gz
out30.txt.gz out31.txt.gz out32.txt.gz out33.txt.gz out34.txt.gz out35.txt.gz out36.txt.gz out37.txt.gz out38.txt.gz out39.txt.gz
out40.txt.gz out41.txt.gz out42.txt.gz out43.txt.gz out44.txt.gz out45.txt.gz out46.txt.gz out47.txt.gz out48.txt.gz