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Geographic information/Geomatics
WG9 Information Management

Active Work Items
    WI 19157 Geographic information - Data Quality
    WI 19158 Geographic information - Quality assurance of data supply
    ISO/CD 19153 Geospatial Digital Rights Management Reference Model (GeoDRM RM)
    ISO 19131:2007/DAmd 1 Geographic Information - Data product specifications
    ISO/DIS 19145 Geographic Information - Registry of representations of geographic point location
    ISO/FDIS 19146 Geographic information - Cross-domain vocabularies
    ISO/DIS 19156 Geographic information - Observations and measurements
    ISO 6709:2008 Standard representation of latitude, longitude and altitude for geographic point locations
    ISO 19111-2:2009 Geographic Information - Spatial Referencing by coordinates - Part 2: Extension for parametric values
    ISO/TS 19127:2005 Geographic Information - Geodetic codes and parameters
    ISO 19131:2007 Geographic Information - Data product specifications
    ISO 19135:2005 Geographic Information - Procedures for registration of geographical information items
    ISO/TS 19138:2006 Geographic Information - Data quality measures
Past Work Items
    ISO/CD 19103 Geographic Information - Conceptual Schema Language (revision of ISO/TC 19103)
    WI 19113 & 19115 Amendments (Review Summary, N 2072)
    WI 19113 Geographic Information - Quality Principle (revised by WI 19157 with a wider scope)
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