Alonso J. Gragera Aguaza



    AIUR (Artificial Intelligence Using Randomness) is an AI for StarCraft: Brood War.
      Project webpage (AIIDE 2014: 4th place, CIG 2014: 4th place).     ≪ code

    Team: Florian Richoux (2011), Alonso Gragera (2014), and Jean-Francois Baffier (2014)
    Tech: C++


    It is an B2B2C platform for company network-based baby sitting, that helps Japanese career mothers with their hard work schedules.
      Start-up Weekend (1st Tokyo International: 1st place).     ≪ news

    Team: Alonso Gragera, Teresa Terasaki, Theeraphol Wattanavekin, Ian Chen, Justin Clune, Brian Knapp, Christina Anagnostopoulou and Takuto Nakamoto
    Tech: Node.js Sails.js Angular.js HTML 5 CSS 3.0


    It is an educational tool that works with Augmented Reality and Kinect technologies. EducAr is a new way of teaching, making use of digital blackboards as it adds augmented reality functionalities to make the classroom a dynamic experience where teachers and students can interact in a natural way with the system.
      Imagine Cup 2013 (Spain finals: 2nd place).     ≪ news

    Team: Alonso Gragera, Rocio Rama, and Ruben Aguilar
    Tech: C# XNA Goblin XNA Kinect