Multibyte-enabled Vim 5.7 on Macintosh ( Japanese / English )

Binaries of vim 5.7 compiled on Macintosh are available here. Because vim handles multibyte characters, it is possible to use Japanese on Macintosh vim 5.7. (I think Korean and Chinese are also OK, but I have not tested them.)

Important Notice: The previous binaries found in this page (the ones compiled on June 27, 2000 or before) are found to have a crashing bug when editing a large file (several megabytes or more than 32k lines). This bug was fixed by the patch 5.7.009. If you are using one of the old binaries, it is strongly recommended to use the following new binaries.

Source files
The above binaries were created from following the instruction found in src/INSTALL_mac.txt. For Multibyte-enabled vim, #define MULTI_BYTE was set.

PowerBook G3, MacOS J1-8.1, CodeWarrior Professional Release 5 (academic)

The binaries available here are without any warranty. Please use them at your own risk.

Last modified on August 9, 2000